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Programs in Central Texas

Kids see holes in their hands at our booth at Austin's 2013 FERIA PARA APRENDER.
Training in STEM teaching methods for staff and volunteers in out-of-school-time programs; includes in-class demonstrations and follow-up observations. This training is also available to school teachers and home-school teachers. It is accompanied by use of learning materials from the Activiteca collection during training and afterwards by special arrangement. Fees are charged on a sliding scale.

Use of Collection materials by qualifying educators and approved volunteers.  Fees charged.

Learning Fairs conducted at schools, recreational centers, libraries, or other public venues. Sliding scale entrance fees charged. Can be staged in middle and higher income areas as a fund-raiser.

STEM Stand pop-up booth in a public area frequented by families, offering hands-on STEM activities. Free in low-income areas. In other income areas can be used as a fund-raiser.

Affordable Camp Act summer program for underserved young people in low-income area. Low fees, flexible structures to meet local family needs.

Other possible programs, depending on opportunity: "Science Circus" consisting of both entertainment and competition among student teams;  birthday party entertainment acts, used as fund-raisers.