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Programs in Honduras

Teachers observe kids using the movable alphabet at a training in El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras.
Activiteca programs are being implemented at two schools in northern Honduras.  In El Progreso, Yoro, is  Loyola Technical Institute, a private high school for low-income boys. North of that, in Urraco, Yoro, is Nazaret Technical Institute. Both are vocational schools with an academic program as well.  Each school has received a donation of half of the Activiteca collection that had been accumulated in Honduras since 2002. Both schools are under contract to use the materials not only for their own classes but also for programs they must put on for the public. The following programs are what they are to implement for their neighborhood, and for other schools, areas or groups at request:
Club Activiteca walk-in area open on weekends with learning activities, low fees or free.
Ferias de Activiteca (Activiteca fairs) for the public on their own campus, other school campuses, or public venues. Low entrance fees.

Teacher training: workshops or demonstration classes for other school teachers. Reasonable fees.

Other possible programs: Science Circus, short STEM programs on local TV/radio.