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Activiteca's collections of learning materials are at the core of our educational impact.  They are objects that really involve learners in observing, manipulating, questioning, discovering, creating.  They range from things that are not found in most schools, to things that are found in most schools, but under-utilized.
Activiteca collections are now in 3 locations, one in Austin and two in Honduras.

Archie among the collection cabinets in one of Activiteca's first locations, Catacamas, Honduras.
What's in the collections?
They come in 8 subject areas: Arts, Equipment, Language-Engish, Language-Foreign, Math, Natural Sciences, Perception and Logic, and Social Studies.  
The same numbering system is used in all 3 collection locations and most basic items are found in all the collections.  This makes it easier to deal with international communication, training, and purchasing.
What's in the catalogs?

The catalog for each learning area contains a description for every item, which may be a kit, a game, or a piece of equipment.
Here is an example of an entry from Activiteca's Science Area Catalog: 
Catalog No.  Title and Description Source & Value
NEA5 Solar Motion Demonstrators / Demostración de moción solar ETA28
25 cardboard structures, each made of 2 circular units joined at right angles; one to represent the earth's surface, marked with the 4 directions, and the other representing the sky path of the sun, symbolized by a brass fastener. The parts can be adjusted to represent the sun's daily apparent motion for settings of any month of the year, and any latitude of the northern hemisphere. (10 cm. diam.) Instructions and explanations in English and Spanish.
The abbreviations used are:
N = Natural Sciences, E = Earth and Sky, A= Astronomy. ETA = vendor, 28 = replacement value in dollars

The complete catalog for the Central Texas collection will be available online soon. 
Meanwhile, to have a condensed printable version, which includes the DIY items available for purchase, please contact us.
The Spanish catalogs for the two Honduran locations will also be online soon.  
In the meantime, for printable versions of each subject area catalog, please contact us.

Samples from Physics section of the collection: Magdeburg hemispheres, collision balls, ring and disc, hand generator, ring magnets, Bell jar vacuum kit, electromagnet kit, radiometer, magnet wand, collision accelerator, gyroscope.
"Eat and Drink in Chinese" is one of the kits dealing with Chinese culture.