Support Us

Things you can do to keep Activiteca International going, and help us reach out to more people:

VOLUNTEER in Central Texas:
  • Teach people.  You can take training with us in specific activities and learn to guide a small group of learners through questions, experiments, and discussions.  You can use this same training in the STEM Stand, at fairs, and at the Affordable Camp.  For many volunteers, this turns out to be one of their most memorable experiences, because the participants are always people who came to learn. 
  • Be a helper for an event.  The fairs need people to do advance publicity and personal promotion of the event.  At the fair we need people to help with entrance processes, security, setting up and taking down, etc.
  • Be a contact seeker.  We need people to locate for us and help follow up on:  businesses or organizations that might want an Activiteca service for their employees;  places that might offer free space for one of our events; people who might become volunteers in one of the categories here.
  • Take part in a focus group.  Now and then we need to meet with people from the neighborhood to give us feedback and suggestions, so that we can improve our services and maybe design new ones.
  • Help make materials.  We make and sell do-it-yourself kits to educators, and could use helpers with some stages of production.  For people with capable hands.

DONATE for Central Texas:
  • Materials or equipment that we can use in our projects:  We can always use paper and office supplies, educational games, manipulatives, models, or kits, and artifacts of cultural or technological interest.
  • Money for operational expenses, mostly consisting of new materials, publicity, and travel.  You will get an acknowledgement usable for tax reporting purposes.  See below for donation procedures.

  • Collect items for Honduras.  We take down items to add to the collections, things not available in Honduras.  These can be the same type of thing as mentioned for Central Texas, but for taking to Honduras, things need to be as small and light-weight as possible.  
  • Help take items to Honduras.  If you plan to fly to Honduras, or know someone who does, we can use luggage space at different times of the year to help carry down some educational items, either to Tegucigalpa or preferably to San Pedro Sula.  Honduran customs are very tolerant of foreigners bringing in donated educational materials.
  • Donate money. Funds are needed for our annual training trips to Honduras, and also to buy items for the collections.  At times we need to pay for extra luggage or shipping to transport materials.


Please contact us directly at this time.
We are working on adding online sign-up and online payment systems.