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NO LONGER Seeking Volunteer Facilitator for Honduran Program

posted May 11, 2014, 3:17 PM by Frida Gess   [ updated Nov 1, 2014, 4:09 PM by Director Activiteca ]

Do you have the urge to do good abroad?
Do you have time, a sharp mind, and a soft heart
Help young Hondurans get a superior education by multiplying your effectiveness!

Volunteer to be an Educational Innovation Facilitator 

You'll never get another chance like this, to turn two schools into centers of interactive learning for both their own students and their community!

In this job, you'd work directly with Honduran teachers to implement engaging hands-on activities, drawing from an impressive supply of learning materials

The Project

This project is located in the small city of El Progreso, Honduras. The schools where the Activiteca programs take place are a public elementary school (Primaria San Jose) and a private secondary school (Instituto Tecnico Loyola), both serving lower-income populations. They have received a large donation of learning resources (kits, models, equipment, manipulatives, games, etc.) – the type of things you see in most American schools, but which are absent in most Honduran education.

The schools receiving the materials cannot keep these items solely for their own use; they are required by the conditions of the agreement to offer out-of-school programs for the public, using the materials and methods to expand opportunities for learning to other citizens. And they are being trained carefully to do so, so that the work can be replicated by training other teachers in other schools. 

Joan, our Executive Director, will fly to Honduras in late July or early August, 2014, to spend a month training the teachers, but we need a facilitator, a qualified person to assist in the training and stay on afterwards. The facilitator is to help the teachers implement the changes in their own classes and launch the programs for the public, staying at least for the rest of the Honduran school year, which ends by December, 2014. If all parties agree, the position can be extended longer.

Students build molecular models
In an Activiteca session at Instituto Tecnico Loyola where four tables of different activities were provided, students complete an assembly of chlorine and sodium atoms to form models of salt crystals.

Would you like to be our Facilitator in Honduras?


The facilitator needs to be: over 24, fluent in Spanish, experienced in teaching at more than one grade level, experienced in teaching using small groups and interactive methods, possessing a solid background in science and math, and able to engage people in new and unfamiliar efforts. To qualify for the position, we will ask you to do a demonstration of a science lesson, conducted in Spanish, with a group of about six low-income students, to be videotaped and/or observed. To make the teachers training move faster, we would try to have you spend a week or two in Austin before the trip to Honduras, getting some focused training with us, so that you can take a more active role in the workshops for the teachers.


You'll be able to make a difference in many lives because you'll help launch changes that stand a good chance of continuing into future years. You'll be working with kids who will love doing the activities, and teachers who will be wanting to learn the ropes, not to mention the people from the neighborhood and nearby villages who will get fascinating encounters with science, math, and thinking skills. You'll have to pay somewhat over half of your own way, to cover the flight and the cost of living in the neighborhood of the schools. Room and board with a local family would be about $350 a month. (This could be cheaper than living in the States.) We can offer a $1500 stipend, half of it paid about halfway through the term, and the rest when you complete the school year. You will have opportunities to travel around Honduras to visit some fascinating natural areas and archeological sites. Working closely with the teachers, volunteers, and other people you meet, you can make some lifelong friends, as we did. And of course this experience should look good on your resume. 

To apply:

First read the information on the rest of this web site, and view photos on the Activiteca Facebook page, which show scenes from fairs and other events at Activiteca's former location in San Pedro Sula. You would need to be available to go to Honduras in late July or early August of this year. (Some vaccinations and a passport will be needed.) If interested, promptly send your resume and any other pertinent documents to: or phone: (512) 350-4864.