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Indiegogo Campaign Launched!

posted Jul 24, 2015, 7:25 PM by Director Activiteca   [ updated Jul 31, 2015, 5:17 PM ]
We have just launched an Indiegogo fundraiser to help the two schools in Honduras.  We're trying to raise $20,000 by late August. If we meet the goal before Aug.18, we get to contiue fundraising after the deadline.

The pressure is on to save the two vocational institutes from crashing under the load of electric bills.  Both Centro Tecnico Loyola, in El Progreso, and Centro Tecnico Nazaret, in Urraco, have to support themselves not only by charging tuition (which is minimal because the students are low-income), but also by selling products from their workshops.  The biggest users of electricity are the carpentry and welding shops, which both bring in income and use much of the power.  The government-run electric company and the Honduran legislature refuse to offer reduced rates to the schools that serve the poor, so both schools have to cover not only current electric bills but also installment payments on accumulated back bills.  If the schools can't pay, their power is cut off; if they don't want their power cut off, they can delay paying their teachers. Great choices.  

We already knew that the schools couldn't afford to pay the Activiteca coordinators, one at each school, the $400 a month which is standard teacher salary, so we raised funds for that from relatives and friends.  But when we found out that there was a bigger problem, where the school staff was stressed and the principals couldn't sleep at night because of their constant battle to keep up with the electric bills, we saw that the schools themselves were in danger of failing.  

We thought of trying solar as an electricity source, checked out what kind of companies were already in Honduras, and contacted the president of the company with the demonstrated experience and a base in the U.S.  By a lucky coincidence, the U.S. president of,  Richard Hanson, was coming down to Honduras in a few days, and became interested in visiting the schools.  He did so, gave us some ball-park figures for installation construction and savings, and authorized audits of the current system of use.  

So, seeing that technology could help reduce the electric bill dramatically, we have decided to join together our two searches for funds: the one for salaries, and the one for solar installations.  Indiegogo is the place where we're fundraising for both, and we are telling everyone to go there and visit our page, "Activiteca helps Honduras" to donate.

We hope you will go to indiegogo, too, right now!    "Activiteca helps Honduras"

Why?  Because the hundreds of students in those two schools now, plus thousands of other students coming up in age, will lose one of the few opportunities they have of getting out of poverty without sacrificing their dignity, their health, or their lives.  You can help rescue hundreds of kids with a few dollars!  What a bargain!