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Indiegogo campaign falls on its face, the struggle goes on

posted Oct 10, 2015, 11:41 AM by Director Activiteca
When it ended on Aug. 18, the online campaign yielded only donors who were people we knew, most of whom had already donated to us in the past.  There were no new ones, which is the point of going online.  However, luckily Soluz president Richard Hansen had meanwhile rounded up other support for the solar project, including donations of an inverter and enough solar panels for the first phase, and some volunteer engineering graduate students from Massachusets who will help with the installation and provide educational experiences for the students. 

The installations are supposed to begin in October or November, as soon as the panels arrive in Honduras from the U.S.  The Loyola students in all classes are being given activities related to photovoltaic power, so that they grasp this phenomenon that now makes their school lead all the others in the area.  So the project will not just save on the electric bill, but may attract more students to enroll.

The online campaign was also supposed to provide us with salary money for our Activiteca coordinators.  We are still trying to raise money to pay those salaries.   Each coordinator earns $400 a month, the standard Honduran teacher salary.  (Some health and retirement benefits are included.  Also, due to past teacher strikes, the government has added 2 more monthly salaries, tacked on at mid-year and year's end.)  We will eternally grateful to any donors who will send us a check, made out to Activiteca International, to our headquarters at 2610 Sherwood Lane, Austin, TX 78704.  Tax deductible.