About Us

Activiteca Internacional (AI) is a nonprofit organization that received 501 (c) 3 status in September of 2012, and has its headquarters in Austin, Texas.  It grew from a program called Activiteca that was started by Austin educators in Honduras in 2002 and is still operating there. AI now directs operations in Honduras as well as implementing programs in Central Texas. Its purpose has always been the same: to make educational opportunities more available to people in low-income areas, especially in the neglected subjects of STEM and general thinking skills.  AI targets identified needs in those subject areas via informal education events and programs for the general public, as well as via formal education through training of teachers in Activiteca methods and materials, so as to strengthen and enhance the classroom experience.  Experiences not only provide understanding, they can also change attitudes.

Activiteca founders Archie and Joan join local youth volunteers after finishing a two-day marathon of fairs at the Funadeh site in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in 2008.  Attended by classes from local schools, the 4 fairs demonstrated Activiteca methods for the teachers, as well as for the Funadeh board of directors, prior to signing the contract for the donation of the collection.
How did Activiteca begin?

Activiteca started in 2002 as a project of retired educators, Archie and Joan, from Austin, TX. It began when they went to Honduras as volunteers from the Roman Catholic diocese of Austin. After learning that over half of Honduran children dropped out of school before 6th grade, they set up a scholarship program for poor kids with high grades, using donated funds from Austin churches. This definitely enabled these children to continue their studies, but after seeing the poverty of the schools themselves, Archie and Joan decided to try to raise the quality of the public education those children got. Joan had previous experience operating an educational materials center for a public school, so they created a materials center.
In Spanish, a "biblioteca" is a place where you can check out books, so they named the new center "Activiteca" because teachers would be able to borrow activities. And since "Discoteca" in Spanish means a place for dancing to recorded music, "Activiteca" could also mean a place for doing activities.

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