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Demonstrating the effects of a vacuum chamber in Honduras.


Our whole product is experiences.
We believe that the best experiences are immediate (from the Latin: not mediated).
So all of the experiences Activiteca provides are designed as direct discoveries.
That means not only "hands-on" but often whole-body involvement.

We aim to bring these experiences to the kids and adults who most need to learn science, math, and analytic skills: people in poverty.
About Our Organization
Activiteca International may seem countercultural, but that depends on which culture you're comparing it to. We don't promote gadgets with screens, virtual experiences, nor anonymous interactions. We zero in on individuals in small groups, with a real person who guides them through contact with concrete objects, using real conversation, in real time. This ideal is becoming a thing of the past in our schools, even though it's known to be tremendously effective.
Meanwhile, national science leaders are advocating more "hands-on" learning in a real-life context as the best way to teach STEM for the future. 
So is our work behind the times or ahead?  Or just timeless.
Support Us
Activiteca International is really small, but we can still do a lot with your help.  We can extend our outreach to the public with more volunteers in everything from direct teaching to hunting up new venues for our events. 
We also need donors to help us buy learning materials and pay for trips to our sites in the States and in Honduras. With us, a little money goes a long way!
demonstrating the Tornado Tube at a public Feria in Honduras
Upcoming Family Events | Eventos venideros para las Familias
We focus on the family as the best way to help people advance through education. We attend and seek out educational events that benefit kids and families. We spotlight some events with articles, and maintain an event calendar.
Enfocamos en familias como la mejor manera de ayudar el avance de personas por medio de educación.  Esta pagina presenta eventos que benefician niños y familias, con un calendario. 
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